Disc Placement, Shapes, and Team Movement | Flamingo & Flamingitis

Ron Watson on Disc Placement in Disc Dog Freestyle. Full Lesson with video on the Pawsitive Vybe Disc and Dogs Blog.

Get the full lesson with video here: https://pvybe.com/disc-dog-training/on-throwing/disc-placement-shapes-and-team-movement-flamingo-flamingitis/

Creative releases are often quite difficult to drop into your Team Movement flow, especially counter clock releases. The Flamingo and Flamingitis throws both spin counter clock and both happen while the handler is upside down and all crooked and backwards. Usually these throws are just chucked out there somewhere after the dog goes around or is making a Pass. Eppie and I are working on making these throws with Intent and flowing Team Movement for the leap – on the flank and with shapes.

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