Patron’s Choice: Routine Building Vol 1 | Creating Competence

Ron Watson reads Creating Competence from the Pawsitive Vybe Disc and Dogs Blog. This is part of Pawsitive Vybe's Patron's Choice project where content is created by popular demand.

Ron reads Creating Competence from the Pawsitive Vybe DIsc and Dog Blog as requested by the Pawsitive Vybe Patrons over on the Pawsitive Vybe Patreon Page.

Patron's Choice allows the PVybe Patron Pack™ to choose a topic for discussion and distribution. Patrons get to choose the creative focus of Pawsitive Vybe content via a poll on our Patreon Page. The community chose Routine Building in our inaugural effort, and here we are...

Vice Director
Angela Ludwig
Heather Brooks
James Tang
Jarrod Demers
Jessie Bustin
Pat Nadarajah
Patricia Nadarajah
Sarah Stewart

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